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Common Deal Points in Commercial Agreements: Commonly Recurring Negotiation Spots (Series: BUSINESS LAW DUMBED DOWN)

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To see the accompanying slides, visit: Congratulations, your business is up and running! But you feel buried under paper from your customers and suppliers. Do you need to have your own contract forms, and if you do, will your customers and vendors treat them as anything other than birdcage liners? What happens when forms conflict? What steps can you take to limit your liability, and should you be concerned if your partners want to limit theirs? What are “reasonable efforts” and how are they different than “best efforts?” Should you seek security interests or personal guaranties from your customers? Do you even need a contract, or can you just keep using purchase orders, since you’ve never had a problem with one anyway? This webinar will get you on the road to understanding commercial contracts and helping to protect your business.

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