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The Landlord/ Leasing Relationship (Series: REAL ESTATE INVESTING DUMBED DOWN SO YOU WANT TO BE A LANDLORD? 1.0)

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A key to being a successful landlord is being understanding and being able to work with tenants. This is critical even at the property acquisition phase: if your intention is to realize a particular rate of return on your investment and your investment is a rental property, you need to be confident that the property is desirable from the perspective of potential tenants and that they will pay what you need them to, in order for you to achieve your desired ROI. Like any smart supplier, a smart landlord will also perform diligence on a prospective tenant, including to make sure the tenant is creditworthy. And like any other supplier, a smart landlord will try to understand the tenant’s needs and preferences, and structure the lease accordingly. These are just some of the aspects of landlord-tenant relationships this webinar discusses.

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