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Formation Issues: Entity Choice; Entity Venue; Capitalization; Other Out-of-the-Gate Issues (Series: BUSINESS LAW DUMBED DOWN)

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To view the accompanying slides, visit: When business owners begin operations, they are faced with numerous critical corporate law issues which will continue to influence their decisions during the business’s lifetime. Should the business be organized as a corporation, and if so, as a C corporation or an S corporation, a limited liability company, a partnership or, if only one owner, a sole proprietorship? Should the company be organized in its home state, Delaware, or somewhere else? How much money will the business need to be financed and how should it be capitalized? The answers to these questions will largely determine how profits will be distributed, losses will be allocated, what taxes will be due and the consequences of a sale for the owners of the business. Join us for a lively discussion of what considerations need to be kept in mind when making these decisions, the available choices and the consequences for the business owners.

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