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Professional Responsibility in Bankruptcy Cases

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To view the accompanying slides, visit: Series: COMMERCIAL BANKRUPTCY LITIGATION 2015 It has been said countless times that a debtor in bankruptcy is like a goldfish in a bowl- exposed for the whole world to see. Something similar can be said of debtor’s counsel. While every attorney needs to understand and comply with state law ethical requirements, bankruptcy attorneys also have various requirements imposed by the Bankruptcy Code. This webinar will discuss some of the ethical obligations a bankruptcy attorney must be keenly aware of and will also discuss some of the most common mistakes that are made in this area. Principal Audience: Attorneys and Advisors Partner: Commercial Bankruptcy Alternatives, Commercial Bankruptcy Investor, and Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation (Each, a website committed to explaining legal concepts in plain English), Commercial Law League of America Sponsor: Eisner Amper, Chapter 11 Dockets

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