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Key Provisions in M&A Agreements

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To see the slides that accompany this webinar, visit: Series: PRIVATE COMPANY M&A BOOT CAMP 2016 Although every deal is different, understanding any purchase/sale agreement will help you understand other purchase sale agreements. Stated another way, most M&A documents include a similar set of sections and use a similar vocabulary. This webinar explains what provisions are commonly included in M&A documents and discusses how buyers and sellers approach these provisions differently. It also highlights how M&A agreements differ depending on whether the assets being bought and sold is equity of a company or the assets of a company. Principal Audience: Attorneys and Advisors, Business Owners and Executives Partner: ChamberWise, West LegalEdcenter

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Slides for this webinar, and all Financial Poise webinars, are free to view. The reader is cautioned, however, that the true value of Financial Poise webinars is the conversation, not the slides. All slides are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written permission from Financial Poise.