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Securities Crowdfunding for Intermediaries

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To view the accompanying slides, visit: Series: CROWDFUNDING 2016 Whether you want to launch a new crowdfunding platform or improve/expand the one you already operate, this webinar will help you compete in the new and fast-evolving securities crowdfunding marketplace. Our experts—including experienced insiders and outside advisers—explain how intermediaries earn revenue in both equity and debt crowdfunding, and what the typical costs and risks are. We cover the fundamental differences between the plethora of equity CF models: traditional Regulation D offerings (“quite deals”), Title II offering platforms (using general solicitation), Title III portals (seed-stage deals open to non-accredited investors), Title IV offerings (Regulation D mini-IPOs), and intrastate securities exemptions in 23+ states. We also speculate on the legal and technological innovations that we might see over the next few years in the nascent securities crowdfunding industry. Principal Audience: Accredited Investors Partner: West LegalEdcenter

Webinar Slides:

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