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Selecting the Right Valuation Expert

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To view the slides that accompany this webinar, visit: Series: VALUATION 2016 Selecting the right valuation expert witness can sometime be the most important decision a litigator makes in a case. The expert witness will be the person who helps the jury or judge understand complex valuation matters, and explains how these complex matters fit into the theory of the case. A bad expert witness can lead to confusion – or worse – an opinion that is not accepted by the court. In this webinar, Financial Poise faculty discuss the expert witness due diligence and how to select the right valuation expert. Principal Audience: Attorneys and Advisors Partner: ChamberWise, West LegalEdcenter

Webinar Slides:

Slides for this webinar, and all Financial Poise webinars, are free to view. The reader is cautioned, however, that the true value of Financial Poise webinars is the conversation, not the slides. All slides are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written permission from Financial Poise.