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What is Equity Crowdfunding and Should it Matter to You

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T view the accompanying slides, visit: Series: Alternative Investment Basics Series 2015 Crowdfunding is a term used to describe raising money through the Internet and it has been for several years to help fund such things as artistic endeavors, typically through small individual contributions from a large number of people. It has not, however, generally been used as a means to offer and sell securities. This is about to change because Title III of the JOBS Act established the foundation for a regulatory structure that will permit businesses to use crowdfunding to sell securities. This webinar will discuss in broad strokes what the new law allows today, what it will soon allow, and whether the law is likely to have a dramatic impact on the landscape of how investors invest and how companies raise investment capital. Principal Audience: Accredited Investors, Attorneys and Advisors, Business Owners and Executives Partner: West LegalEdcenter Sponsor: BMC Group

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