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Commercial Bankruptcy Websites (Investors, Alternatives, Litigation)

Commercial Bankruptcy Alternatives, Commercial Bankruptcy Investor, and Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation are websites designed for and targeted to reading by business owners, executives, the private equity and venture capital communities, hedge fund managers, and professionals such as attorneys and investment bankers who do not consider their specialties to be bankruptcy, restructuring, or insolvency.

Written in plain English, the articles which appear on these websites are intended to educate and inform. Our contributors, who include some of the World’s leading experts, have agreed to write in a way not designed to advocate or argue any particular view but, instead, seek only to educate. We created these websites because, while there are numerous organizations which serve well the needs of bankruptcy, restructuring and insolvency experts, the contributors to these websites realized that there was no reliable and objective website aimed at non-experts and, in fact, there is a good deal of mis-information populating the blogosphere.