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What is the JOBS Act and Why Should You Care?

Series: Alternative Investment Basics 2015


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The JOBS Act of 2012 lifted the ban that previously prevented private placements from being advertised.   As a direct result, for the first time, millions of accredited investors are only now beginning to understand that there are investment options available to them that they never before considered.  This webinar will explore the various asset classes that are available only to those Americans who earn more than $200,000 ($300,000 if married) a year or who have at least $1 million in assets (not including the equity they have in their home) and the pros and cons of making such investments.

Principal Audience: Investors, Attorneys and Advisors, Business Owners and Executives

Partner: West LegalEdcenter

Sponsor: BMC Group

Webinar Faculty:

Christopher Cahill

Mr. Cahill is Head of the Bankruptcy and Restructuring Practice Group ...

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Dave Freedman

Dave Freedman has worked as a journalist since 1978, primarily ...

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Heather Schwarz

Heather Schwarz is an expert in building successful businesses and ...

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Sara Hanks

Sara Hanks, co-founder and CEO of CrowdCheck, is an attorney ...

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