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Three Case Studies


Commercial Litigation Funding - Three Case Studies

As the legal funding market evolves, so too do the legal/ethical jurisprudence, strategic decisions inherent in utilizing funding, financial instruments used for funding, and nature of funder/funded relationship. In this webinar, a panel of experienced litigation funding professionals examine three live legal funding deals, and discuss how they impact considerations of (i) disclosure of litigation funding, (ii) fee-splitting and non-attorney ownership of law firms, and (iii) financial engineering of innovative funding deals.

This webinar is delivered in Plain English, understandable to you even if you are not a Commercial Litigation Funding Specialist. It brings you into an engaging, even sometimes humorous, conversation designed to entertain as it teaches. And, it is specifically designed to be viewed as a stand-alone webinar, meaning that you do not have to view the other webinars in the series to get a lot out of it.

Principal Audience: Investors, Attorneys and Advisors, Business Owners and Executives

Partner: ChamberWise, Financial Poise, West LegalEdcenter

Meet the Panel:

Jeremy Waitzman

Jeremy Waitzman advises his clients on significant transactions and operational ...

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Evan Fried

Evan Fried is an attorney who has worked in litigation ...

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Ken Epstein

Ken Epstein is an investment manager and legal counsel at ...

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Joel Cohen

Joel Cohen is a Managing Director in the Dispute Consulting ...

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