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Representing the Commercial Landlord



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While it is the commercial landlord’s goal to maintain a good relationship with its tenants, there can be an underlying tension – while trying to promote a positive rapport, the landlord and its property manager also need to ensure that the tenant fully complies with its lease obligations. When a tenant fails to do so, the landlord must react promptly and in the manner most likely to protect its financial interests, whether that means working with the tenant to get “back on track” or recovering possession in order to re-lease the premises. Numerous issues factor into the analysis of how best to proceed in the face of a tenant default, including rental market conditions, the tenant’s financial status, the tenant’s prior defaults and payment history, the nature of the tenant’s default and whether it can be cured, the length of the remaining lease term and, of course, the landlord’s tolerance for litigation. This webinar will details representing the commercial landlord.

Principal Audience: Attorneys and Advisors

Partner: ChamberWise, West LegalEdcenter

Webinar Faculty:

Adam Nach

CLLA Member, Adam Nach is the managing partner of Lane ...

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Felix Shalit

As founder of Sila Capital, a diversified holding company, headquartered ...

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Howard Kline

Howard has been involved in commercial real estate for over 39 years ...

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Jeff Friedman

Jeff Friedman is a partner in the Real Estate Group ...

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