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Options for the Accredited Investor


Options for the Accredited Investor

Famed law firm founder Joseph Flom would say, “You can’t go broke buying options.” Why should that not be true for Accredited Investors investing in private securities? Well, the genius of the crowds of traders and analysts do make price discovery more reliable in public securities markets, and that dynamic is mainly absent among private securities. And on what platforms might such options be traded? How would this work?

Principal Audience: Attorneys and Advisors, Business Owners and Executives, Investors

Partner: ChamberWise, West LegalEdcenter

Meet the Panel:

Arthur T. Doglione

Arthur is an industry veteran with more than 20 years’ ...

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Christopher Cahill

Mr. Cahill is Head of the Bankruptcy and Restructuring Practice Group ...

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Jonathan Friedland

Jonathan Friedland, a senior partner with Sugar Felsenthal Grais & ...

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Yuen Yung

As CEO of Casoro Capital, Yuen Yung is responsible for ...

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