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How to Defeat a Single Asset Real Estate Case

Series: Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation


Secured creditors hate “single asset real estate” bankruptcy cases with a vengeance.  This webinar will explain why SARE cases are different than other cases and will provide Plain English explanation about the best way to try to defeat them.

Partner: Commercial Bankruptcy Alternatives, Commercial Bankruptcy Investor, and Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation (Each, a website committed to explaining legal concepts in plain English), Commercial Law League of America

Sponsor: BMC Group, Chapter 11 Dockets

Webinar Faculty:

Elizabeth B. Vandesteeg

Lisa is a partner Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Hammer where she ...

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Hamid Rafatjoo

Hamid Rafatjoo focuses his bankruptcy practice at Venable on insolvency and ...

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James W. Hays

James (Beau) W. Hays, is a principal in Hays Potter ...

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Richard Carmody

Richard Carmody joined Adams and Reese in 2003 as part ...

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