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Help, My Business is in Trouble!


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When a business becomes financially troubled, the business owner often experiences denial, paralysis, or both.  Lenders commonly lose confidence and then trust in the business, as communications tend to break down, deadlines are missed, and promises are broken.  Small business owners commonly have issued personal guaranties, so business failure can often lead to personal financial stress.  The good news is the business and business owner usually has some options, and even some leverage.  This webinar explains what a business owner should- and should not- consider and do when dealing with financial trouble.  Specific topics include discussion of bankruptcy (Chapters 7 and 11); assignments for the benefit of creditors; and friendly foreclosures.  This webinar provides the business owner and her advisors with an overview of various restructuring and liquidation methods, a framework for how to decide between them, and practical tips for traversing the difficult environment that is financial distress.

Principal Audience: Attorneys and Advisors, Business Owners and Executives

Partner: ChamberWise, West LegalEdcenter

Meet the Panel:

Howard Samuels

Howard founded Rally Capital Services, LLC in 1998, and continues ...

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Jonathan Friedland

Jonathan Friedland, a senior partner with Sugar Felsenthal Grais & ...

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Laura Davis Jones

Laura Davis Jones is a name partner and the managing ...

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Tom Salerno

Thomas Salerno is a member of the financial restructuring practice at ...

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