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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act-101


Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) prohibits a U.S. company or person from bribing foreign government officials to obtain a business advantage.  Along with this seemingly simple restriction comes accounting and record keeping requirements with which companies must comply.

The FCPA requires the implementation of a compliance program which addresses FCPA concerns and establishes an FCPA corporate policy. This webinar covers the basics of the FCPA, including an introduction to the regulators, both the SEC and DOJ, and recent communications to the public regarding the FCPA from these regulatory bodies.  

The standards for a compliance program review is analyzed, including what makes a program current and effective as well as how often the program requires review.  The role of a compliance coordinator is discussed, as is record keeping, training, and retaliation. Finally, meals and entertainment, gifts, travel, charitable contributions, and hiring will all be discussed with reference to recent government actions and legal decisions.

Principal Audience: Attorneys and Advisors, Business Owners and Executives, Investors

Partner: ChamberWise, West LegalEdcenter

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Cristina Nolan

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Michael Skopets

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Nancy DePodesta

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