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Focus on Health Care


Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Special Issues - A Focus on Health Care

Chapter 11 cases involving healthcare providers involves issues that simply do not exist on chapter 11s of other entities. First, public health and safety issues are at issue in a way that generally is not the case with other debtors. There is, consequently, a large state and federal non-bankruptcy law regulatory overlay in such cases to make sure that the care of patients remains paramount. Also helping to effect this is that courts recognize the “duty of obedience” owed by the leadership of a healthcare provider. As a practical matter, the stakeholders with whom a healthcare provider debtor must consider, and deal with, are often be much broader than in other chapter 11 cases. These are some of the issues this webinar addresses.

This webinar is delivered in Plain English, understandable to you even if you do not have a background in bankruptcy law. It brings you into an engaging, even sometimes humorous, conversation designed to entertain as it teaches. And, it is specifically designed to be viewed as a stand-alone webinar, meaning that you do not have to view the other webinars in the series to get a lot out of it.

Principal Audience: Investors, Attorneys and Advisors, Business Owners and Executives

Partner: ChamberWise, Financial Poise, West LegalEdcenter

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Thaddeus D. Wilson

Thad Wilson is a partner in the Atlanta office of King ...

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Marshall Glade

Marshall Glade, CPA, is a senior managing director with over ...

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Brian Bonaviri

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