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Crypto Currency-101


What is money? How is cryptocurrency different? Is permitting or requiring crypto payment of contracts sound from a legal or accounting perspective? How will the underlying technology of blockchain bear upon future commercial practices? What are you or your client investing in when investing in cryptocurrency? What is an initial coin offering (or ICO), and what are the legal risks involved? Federal regulators have defined cryptocurrency as commodity in one context, and as a security in others. In this introduction to cryptocurrency, panelists active in the field will discuss cryptocurrency as payment mechanism and as investment, with peculiar risks and opportunities. We will discuss the history and adoption of cryptocurrency, as well as the underlying technology (including blockchain, but we will not make your eyes water), cybersecurity, and fraud.

Principal Audience: Investors, Business Owners and Executives, Attorneys and Advisors

Meet the Panel:

Christopher Cahill

Mr. Cahill is Head of the Bankruptcy and Restructuring Practice Group ...

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Jordan Fishfeld

Jordan is the co-founder and CEO of CFX Markets, an ...

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Zach Smolinski

Zach Smolinski is an experienced general counsel having a focus ...

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Josh Hughes

Josh Hughes has been following the development of crypto currencies ...

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