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Commercial Leases, Their Provisions and Pitfalls to Avoid


Real Estate Investing - Commercial Leases

Like any other contract, the provisions of a commercial lease are negotiable. Yet, like so many contracts, commercial leases can be confusing to anyone who does not negotiate them for a living. This webinar explains many of the common provisions in a typical commercial lease (e.g. competition clauses, destruction/condemnation provisions, enforcement provisions, escalation clauses, purchase and renewal options, subletting and assignment provisions, use provision- just to name some examples) and discuss what is “market” with respect to them.

This webinar is delivered in Plain English, understandable to you even if you do not have a background in the subject. It brings you into an engaging, even sometimes humorous, conversation designed to entertain as it teaches. And, it is specifically designed to be viewed as a stand-alone webinar, meaning that you do not have to view the other webinars in the series to get a lot out of it.

Principal Audience: Investors, Business Owners and Executives, Attorneys and Advisors

Partner: West LegalEdcenter, Financial Poise, ChamberWise

Meet the Panel:

Bill McGuinn

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Tracy Treger

Tracy Treger is Principal at Syndicated Equities. Tracy helps high ...

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Sean Weppler

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Scott A. Weinstein

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