Financial Poise Webinars
Practical and entertaining education for business owners and executives, Accredited Investors, and their legal and financial advisors.
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  • All Financial Poise webinars are audio only, with PowerPoint presentations that can be viewed by audience members while they listen.
  • Panelists are not permitted to speak for more than three minutes without interruption by another panelist or the panel’s moderator. We have found over time that one person speaking at length is a recipe for boredom.
  • All webinars are conversational. While PowerPoints are prepared, available, and referenced during webinars, panelists are not permitted to simply “walk through” a PowerPoint. Rather, the moderator of each panel has been trained in Financial Poise’s proprietary webinar interview style. This further assures that webinars are engaging and entertaining.
  • Webinar panelists must meet a certain minimum number of times to prepare as a group. We have found over time that webinars are much better when their panelists know each other and have had time to develop a certain chemistry.
  • Financial Poise neither pays, nor accepts payment from, speakers.  Rather, we strive to be a meritocracy that attracts top-tier professionals who are excellent communicators and who wish to raise their profiles by reaching our audience.
  • If you are a subject matter expert on business, finance, investment, or legal topic and would like to be considered as a faculty member, please contact us at and include your resume or CV and a cover statement regarding the subject matter you wish to teach and your past teaching experience.  A representative from Financial Poise’s Faculty Selection Team will contact you within seven days of receiving this information.