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Richard Swart

About Richard Swart

Dr. Richard Swart is Chief Strategy Officer with NextGeneration Crowdfunding.

He recognized as one of the top thought leaders in crowdfunding and alternative finance, with particular interest in its impact on social innovation and global challenges, will join NextGen Crowdfunding as Chief Strategy Officer.

Dr. Swart is the Crowdfunding and Alternative Finance Researcher and Scholar-in-Residence in the Institute for Business and Social Impact at the University of California, Berkeley, researching crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and alternative finance. He organizes the Annual Academic Symposium in Crowdfunding Research, which is globally recognized as the leading event in crowdfunding research and policy, which has brought eminent faculty, government officials and policy makers from over 30 nations to UC Berkeley.

About NextGen Crowdfunding

NextGen Crowdfunding is the go-to place for crowdfunding investors. It will soon be launching a premiere way to connect crowdfunding investors with startups and emerging businesses that want to raise money via Reg A+ crowdfunding. NextGen will also inform and educate entrepreneurs and investors on the new equity crowdfunding industry via events, online articles, videos and forums. As a purpose driven company, NextGen Crowdfunding believes that many everyday investors want to support emerging businesses that are chasing the American Dream. It’s a way for everyone to invest in the future and spark a new economy.

Webinar Participation:

Raising Money for a Start-Up Through Equity Crowdfunding


Premiere Date: 05/11/2017 2:00pm

Angel Investing Through Equity Crowdfunding Websites


Premiere Date: 02/23/2017 2:00pm