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Nick Petit

Nick is an experienced entrepreneur and proven leader that couples business strategy and disciplined execution with enabling and emerging technologies.  As CEO of Financial Poise, Nick inspires a large multi-talented team of passionate business professionals and creatives toward Financial Poises’ ultimate goal of providing unbiased news, continuing education, and intelligence to private business executives, investors, and their trusted advisors.
Before Financial Poise, he founded and led Kahoots, a sales acceleration platform that enabled outside sales teams to be as productive and measurable as inside sales teams.  Before Kahoots, he led Infosys’ Center of Innovation, which researched major technology shifts and made significant investments in anticipation of how these shifts would alter the landscape of individual businesses and macro-markets. Before Infosys, Nick lead professional services at Applied Systems (a Bain Capital company) and was a manager in BearingPoint / PwC’s Strategy & Transformation practice.
He began his career in Morocco as a volunteer in the US Peace Corps.
Nick serves on the board of directors for G-PAC – Gun Violence Prevention PAC.

Webinar Participation:

Raising Capital- Negotiating with Potential Investors


Premiere Date: 03/06/2017 2:00pm