Financial Poise Webinars
Practical and entertaining education for business owners and executives, Accredited Investors, and their legal and financial advisors.
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The Financial Poise Advantage

Faculty Selection.  Our Faculty Selection and Business Development Teams work together to identify (a) topics of interest to our customers; (b) industry organizations that can help assist us to procure top-flight panelists; and (c) panelists themselves.  Unlike many competitors, panelists cannot “buy” their way in and are not solicited via mass email.  Our panelists are carefully selected, based on recommendations from industry leaders.

Content Development:  Financial Poise panelists are not left to their own devices in planning a webinar.  Rather, our Content Development Team works hand in hand with each panel to develop material that is accurate and current and also very understandable.  Financial Poise works hard to make sure that every webinar and all materials are in plain English and do not contain needless technical jargon.

Execution.  Seminars, and particularly webinars, can easily bore their audiences.  Financial Poise was born from this very frustration and its most important mission is to entertain as it educates.  Panelists must follow the Financial Poise Method in presenting.  Among other things, this means that you will never have to listen to one person speak too long without interruption, you will never have to listen to a monotone speaker whose voice will put you to sleep, and you will never end a Financial Poise webinar without laughing at least three times.

Quality Assurance.  Webinars are available on demand for one year from the date of their Premier Date (the date of the live presentation).  However, once a webinar is made available on demand, Financial Poise’s Quality Assurance Team monitors developments to make sure the information provided in on-demand webinars remains accurate and current.