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Newbie Litigator School-Part 1 - Working With Experts

Working With Experts

Expert witnesses are an integral part of modern commercial litigation. They can be used for everything from calculating damages to explaining software workflows to establishing industry standards. This webinar begins with an exploration of the common types of cases that call for use of expert testimony. From there, we discuss the rules governing experts, including expert disclosures, discovery, and expert depositions. We also discuss the Daubert standard for excluding expert testimony, and discuss how a successful Daubert motion may be brought. This hour will help you figure out when and how to hire your own expert, and will give you some ideas on how to challenge your opponent’s expert when the time comes.

Webinar Faculty


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Robert Michaels

Rob is a partner at Goldstein & McClintock, LLP. At G&M, Mr. Michaels works with attorneys who have hailed from top law firms around the country, all of whom regularly represent… Read More


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Damian Capozzola

ExperienceThe Law Offices of Damian D. Capozzola, Los Angeles, CA, August 2013-present Representing large and small businesses, cities, and individuals in commercial, employment, tort, and health care matters. Crowell &… Read More

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John C. Martin

John C, Martin is a partner at Sugar, Felsenthal, Grais & Helsinger LLP.  John's  law practice is devoted to providing representation and counsel in complex business disputes, including contractual, fiduciary,… Read More

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Steven Appelbaum

Steven Appelbaum is Counsel at Saul Ewing Arnstein and Lehr. He focuses his practice on a wide array of complex commercial and business disputes. Steven has experience representing individuals and businesses… Read More