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Valuation 2018

What’s it worth? Whether you are engaged in the sale of an asset or attempting to recover damages in litigation, valuations are often necessary for convincing the other side that your price is right. In transactions, valuations assist parties in determining the price they are willing to pay or receive in the sale of a security, business, or asset.

In litigation, valuations play a critical role in setting a baseline for damages awards. Expert assistance is required to accurately value many assets, whether it is a business, a security, an intangible asset such as intellectual property or a brand, or lost profits in a litigation context. Choosing the appropriate valuation expert can make or break your transaction or your case, given the extensive battles between valuation experts that arise in contested matters.

This series provides an overview of valuation in its many contexts, from business valuations in transactions to battles between valuation experts in all aspects of litigation.

Webinars in this Series:

Episode #1: What’s it Worth? Valuing a Business for Sale 2018

Produced on August 16, 2018

Episode #2: Valuing Lost Profits for Litigation Purposes 2018

Produced on September 13, 2018

Episode #3: Selecting the Right Valuation Expert 2018

Produced on October 11, 2018

Episode #4: Minority and Illiquidity Discounts 2018

Produced on November 15, 2018

Episode #5: Valuing Your Brand and Other “Soft” Assets 2018

Produced on December 13, 2018