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Webinars Tagged: Valuation 2018

Valuation - Valuing Your Brand

Valuing Your Brand and Other “Soft” Assets 2018

This webinar explores how experts place value on critical, intangible assets such as intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

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Valuation - Minority Illiquidity Discounts

Minority and Illiquidity Discounts 2018

This webinar delves into the types of discounts that may impact the valuation of your asset, such as illiquidity and minority ownership.

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Valuation - Selecting Valuation Expert

Selecting the Right Valuation Expert 2018

This webinar explores the key factors you should consider in choosing your valuation expert to value your business interest, asset, or potential liability.

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Valuation - Valuing Lost Profits

Valuing Lost Profits for Litigation Purposes 2018

This webinar provides an overview of the various methods to measure lost profits and strategies to present and prove your damages in court litigation.

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Valuation - What's it Worth

What’s it Worth? Valuing a Business for Sale 2018

This webinar looks at how valuation experts place a value on a going concern, whether it’s a business you wish to sell or a business you wish to purchase.

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