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Small Biz Advisor - What Every Founder Must Know

What Every Founder/Entrepreneur Must Know

This webinar answers many questions a new founder of a company will have, including IP, outsourcing, formation, capital raising, HR, and more. Since the panel includes two attorneys, you can be sure that the conversation will cover both the business and legal aspects of the various topics discussed.

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SEO/Social Media & Other PR 101

This webinar provides basic guidance and practical advice about these topics, regardless of the startup’s industry, with an overlay of some legal principles and pitfalls to avoid.

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Human Resources 101

Appropriate for founders and their counsel alike, this webinar covers common legal pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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Advising the Startup: Finance and Accounting 101

Finance and Accounting 101

This webinar provides the entrepreneur and his or her advisors with an overview of finance and accounting for startups, and practical tips for getting started.

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Business Borrowing Basics - Understanding the Lending Landscape

Understanding the Lending Landscape

This webinar takes the audience through a guided tour of the various borrowing options available to businesses, from both a business and legal perspective.

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