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Webinars Tagged: Restructuring, Insolvency & Troubled Companies 2021

Bad Debtor Owes Me Money!

Bad Debtor Owes Me Money! 2021

The topics discussed in this webinar include the pros and cons of putting a counterparty into involuntary bankruptcy and when and how you may be able to pursue third parties (like guarantors, directors, or officers) for the amount owed.

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Restructuring Insolvency TCs - Opportunity Amidst Crisis

Opportunity Amidst Crisis- Buying Distressed Assets, Claims, and Securities for Fun & Profit 2021

This webinar explains how to loan to, or purchase the debt of, a company in order to acquire it (a strategy commonly called “loan to own”); how to learn about opportunities involving distressed companies; and tips and best practices for participating in bankruptcy, Article 9, and other sales of distressed businesses (including the concept of serving as the “stalking horse).

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Help My Business is in Trouble

Help, My Business is In Trouble! 2021

This webinar provides the business owner and her advisors with an overview of various restructuring and liquidation methods, a framework for how to decide between them, and practical tips for traversing the difficult environment that is financial distress.

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