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Real Estate Investing 101 - Commercial Lease Provisions Pitfalls

Commercial Leases, Their Provisions and Pitfalls to Avoid 2020

This webinar explains many of the common provisions in a typical commercial lease (e.g. competition clauses, destruction/condemnation provisions, enforcement provisions, escalation clauses, purchase and renewal options, subletting and assignment provisions, use provision- just to name some examples) and discusses what is “market” with respect to them.

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Real Estate Investing - Commercial Property

Investing in Commercial Property 2020

This webinar explains the process of investing in commercial property, from looking for the investment, to contract, to closing, and beyond.

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Real Estate Investing - Residential Multi Family

Investing in Residential & Multi-Family Real Estate 2020

This webinar discusses some of the pros and cons of being a landlord and provides a basic overview about how to find and assess opportunities, obtain financing, negotiate a deal, and manage a multi-family investment.

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