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Private Company MA Boot Camp - Key Provisions

Key Provisions in M&A Agreements 2020

This episode explains specific, common provisions and discusses how buyers and sellers approach these provisions differently, particularly in light of situational differences (e.g. whether the assets being bought and sold are equity of a company or the assets of a company; whether the seller is going to cease to exists or not).

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Borrower or Lender BE 2019 - Alternative Structures

Alternative Structures – PO Financing, Factoring & MCA

This webinar explains the three types of financing arrangements, what to consider before entering into them, and some tips on how to negotiate them.

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Business Borrowing Basics - Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Finance

This webinar explains when P/O financing may make sense for a company; some of the more common terms and conditions of such financing; how to negotiate those terms; how it co-exists with other forms of financing and potential alternatives.

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