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Webinars Tagged: PE VC and Hedge Funds De-Mystified 2019

PE VC Hedge Funds - Due Diligence

Due Diligence Before Investing

In this webinar, we discuss the performing due diligence from the perspective of private equity, venture capital and hedge fund professionals. This webinar also touches on the due diligence a potential investor in a private fund should do on the fund.

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PE VC Hedge Funds - Capital Raising

Capital Raising

This webinar addresses the present market for private capital fundraising across a diversity of fund strategies. It answers questions about how to promote fundraising activity in a crowded market.

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PE VC Hedge Funds - Fund Formation

Basics of Fund Formation

This webinar explores fund formation from an economic and compliance standpoint, and leverages our panelists’ experience to explain how the structure of private funds influence their performance. The webinar also touches on documentation and compliance in an age of regulatory scrutiny, and how funds are evolving to adjust.

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PE VC Hedge Funds - What is Private Fund

What is a “Private Fund?”

This webinar explains the basics of private funds, how and why they differ from public investment options, and how investors gain access to the different kinds of private fund vehicles. Included is a breakdown of the three major private funds (private equity, venture capital and hedge fund) and what makes each unique.

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