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IP 101 - Copyrights Patents Trademarks

Copyrights, Patents, and Trademarks…Oh My! 2020

This webinar discusses the so-called “nuts and bolts” of copyright law, U.S. patent laws, the types of inventions that can receive protection, and how trademarks are created and protected.

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Patent PPP - Portfolio Management

Patent Portfolio Management 2018

This webinar provides a variety of perspectives that will be useful in ensuring that your patent portfolio is robust, purposeful and managed effectively.

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Patent PPP - Prosecution

Patent Prosecution

This webinar provides insight as to how to efficiently manage those carrying out the work of patent prosecution, whether inside or outside counsel, while ensuring quality.

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Patent PPP - Application Preparation

Patent Application Preparation 2018

This webinar provides insight into how to prepare a patent application, considering the aspects of relating technologies, current laws, profitability, and much more.

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IP-101 Nuts & Bolts of Patents

Nuts & Bolts of Patents

This webinar breaks down U.S. patent laws into the nuts and bolts. It discusses the types of inventions that can receive protection, as well as the extent of U.S. patent protection.

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