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MBA Boot Camp - Mastering Concept of Working Capital

Where Did All My Profits Go? Mastering the Concept of Working Capital 2020

In this webinar you will learn what parts of the balance sheet make up working capital and what actions cause the most problems with cash flow.

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MBA Bootcamp - Cash Flow Modeling Projections

The KPI- Cash Flow Modeling and Projections 2020

This webinar discusses the basic components of a cash flow model, why it is weekly and not monthly and why 13 weeks is the usual length. This webinar also discusses what type of data is best for making an efficient and practical cash flow model, as well as best practices for reporting and pitfalls associated with modeling and balance roll forwards.

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MBA Bootcamp - How to Read Balance Sheet

How to Read a Balance Sheet – And Why You Care! 2020

This webinar explains the basics of understanding a balance sheet and puts it in context by also touching on the other key financial statements.

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MBA Boot Camp - EBITDA Scary Words

EBITDA and Other Scary Words 2020

This webinar teaches the correct use of EBIT, EBITDA and EBITDAR while also dealing with concepts like Cap Rate vs. Capital Cost. This webinar also sheds light on issues with ROI and Payback among other valuation tools and explains what a Cash Conversion Cycle looks like for your business.

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