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ADR and Settlement

ADR & Settlement 2021

This webinar covers the basics of arbitration and mediation and negotiating a successful settlement.

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TROs and Preliminary Injunctions

TROs and Preliminary Injunctions 2021

This webinar discusses procedures and strategies for obtaining temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions.

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Legal Ethics - Recent Cases and Decisions

Hot Off the Presses – Recent Cases & Decisions 2021

This webinar is for the lawyer -or anyone else- who wants to brush up on the latest issues and strategies to be aware of regarding legal ethics and best practices. The panelists discuss recent and important case law in the area and explain how those decisions can have real-world impact on the situations you may […]

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Commercial Litigation Funding - New Yet Old Funding Alternative

An Introduction to a New Yet Old Funding Alternative 2021

This webinar provides an overview of litigation funding, touching on the “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” “why” and “how” behind it.

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Complex Financial Litigation - Nuts Bolts Lost Profit Cases

Nuts & Bolts of Lost Profit Cases 2021

In this webinar, the expert panel discusses the circumstances that warrant lost profits claims, key considerations for both the claimant and defendant, and how such claims will ultimately be evaluated.

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Complex Financial Litigation - Defending Against Avoidance Actions

Defending Against Bankruptcy Avoidance Actions 2021

In the event of a bankruptcy, the debtor or trustee may opt to take legal action in order to recover money or property that was transferred by the debtor prior to going bankrupt. These actions, whereby such transfers are effectively reversed, are referred to as “avoidance actions.” In this webinar, the expert panel discusses the […]

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Legal Ethics Best Practices - How to Avoid Malpractice Disciplinary Actions

How to Avoid Malpractice & Disciplinary Actions – General Do’s and Don’ts 2021

This webinar presents basic practice pointers to avoid malpractice and disciplinary actions, and how to respond to claims of malpractice or unethical behavior if they arise. The panel also discusses the role that malpractice insurance plays in these situations and the ramifications of a malpractice judgment or disciplinary action. Model Rules addressed may include: those […]

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Cross-Training for Biz Lawyers - ESOPs

ESOPs 101 – 2021

Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) are plans regulated by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and designed to allow employees to invest in the stock of their employer. The shareholder participants/employees as well as the sponsoring company generally receive tax benefits through the use of the plan. And while they are generally touted as […]

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Commercial Litigation Funding - Menu of Products Investors Lawyers

A Menu of Products for Investors and Lawyers 2021

This webinar examines three funding products — case fundings, law firm loans, and portfolio fundings — and aims to inform attorneys on best solutions for their firms and clients, and provide an overview for institutional investors looking to allocate capital to litigations.

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Valuation - Selecting the Right Valuation Expert

Selecting the Right Valuation Expert 2021

This webinar explores the key factors you should consider in choosing your valuation expert.

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