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Webinars Tagged: Leveraged Finance 2018

Leveraged Finance - Tricks and Traps

Tricks and Traps in Leveraged Finance

This webinar discusses some of the legal cases where borrowers were able to exploit weaknesses in their debt documents, and provides examples of other weaknesses to look out for.

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Leveraged Finance - Current Trends

Current Trends in Leveraged Finance

This webinar discusses some of the latest trends and developments in leveraged finance terms and practices and the extent to which some of these have gained market acceptance.

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Leveraged Finance - Navigating Credit Agreements

Navigating Credit Agreements 2018

This webinar gives a basic overview of leveraged finance credit agreements and the legal issues that arise when working on leveraged loans.

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Leveraged Finance - Commitment Papers

Understanding Commitment Papers (Bank)

The webinar highlights common issues arising with bank financing commitment papers, a popular practice for corporate buyers.

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