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Webinars Tagged: Legal Ethics - Best Practices 2019 - Part 1

Legal Ethics Winter - How to Avoid Disciplinary Actions

How to Avoid Malpractice & Disciplinary Actions – General Do’s and Don’ts

This webinar presents basic practice pointers to avoid committing malpractice and disciplinary actions, and how to respond to claims of malpractice or unethical behavior. The panel also discusses the role that malpractice insurance plays in these situations and the ramifications of a malpractice judgment or disciplinary action.

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Legal Ethics Winter - Recent Cases Decisions

Hot Off the Press- Recent Cases & Decisions

This webinar is for the lawyer or anyone else who wants to brush up on legal ethics in the business context. The panelists discuss recent and important case law in the area and explain how those decisions can have real word impact on the situations you may be involved in.

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Legal Ethics Winter - Best Practice Technology

Best Practices Regarding Technology 2019

This webinar will describe the problems and some solutions that arise out of the changing manner and pace of business law practice regarding technology.

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