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Lawyering Made Easy - Defending White Collar Crimes

Defending White Collar Crime-101

As governmental enforcement of laws against those accused of white collar crime increases, companies need to understand how to avoid unknowingly acting in ways that may be unlawful, how to prevent and detect potential employee misconduct, and how to react if misconduct does occur.

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Lawyering Made Easy - Construction Defect Litigation

Construction Defect Litigation-101

This webinar looks at construction defect litigation and discusses allegations, defenses, how to prove your case, and ethical issues surrounding these kinds of cases.

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Newbie Litigator School-Part 1 - Working With Experts

Working With Experts

This webinar explores the types of cases that call for use of expert testimony, the rules governing experts, including expert disclosures, discovery, and expert depositions, as well as the Daubert standard for excluding expert testimony.

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Newbie Litigator School-Part 1 - Dispositive Motions

Dispositive Motions

This webinar discusses motions to dismiss, with focus on the still-developing Twombly-Iqbal standard, and how that standard is put into practice. We then discuss summary judgment motions, includes everything from making a summary judgment record to brief writing, to making a cross-motion for summary judgment.

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Commercial Litigation Funding - Menu of Products for Investors and Lawyers

A Menu of Products for Investors and Lawyers

This webinar examines three funding products — case fundings, law firm loans, and portfolio fundings — and aims to inform attorneys on best solutions for their firms and clients, and provide an overview for institutional investors looking to allocate capital to litigations.

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Newbie Litigator School-Part 1 - Discovery Practice

Discovery Practice

This episode discusses the new federal rules governing the preservation and discovery of electronic data and information, and the new concept of “proportionality” in discovery. We also discuss the practicalities of discovery: budgeting, tactics, and common opportunities and pitfalls.

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Newbie Litigator School - Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Refresher

This webinar provides an overview of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, with emphasis on recent changes and developments.

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