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Restructuring Insolvency - My Biz is in Trouble

Help, My Business is In Trouble! 2019

This webinar explains what a business owner should- and should not- consider and do when dealing with financial trouble. Specific topics include discussion of bankruptcy (Chapters 7 and 11); assignments for the benefit of creditors; and friendly foreclosures.

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Corporate & Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp - Securities Law Compliance

Securities Law Compliance

This webinar discusses board fiduciary duties and the tension between state corporate law standards and federal law. Board composition, independence, structure and processes are analyzed, along with disclosure matters related to SOX compliance.

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Legal Ethics Winter - Recent Cases Decisions

Hot Off the Press- Recent Cases & Decisions

This webinar is for the lawyer or anyone else who wants to brush up on legal ethics in the business context. The panelists discuss recent and important case law in the area and explain how those decisions can have real word impact on the situations you may be involved in.

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MBA Shortcut - EBITDA and Other Scary Words

EBITDA and Other Scary Words 2019

This webinar explores the ins and outs of financial language and how you can navigate the seeming labyrinth of a language that can sound foreign and in some ways counterintuitive.

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Valuation Fights in Litigation - Working with Expert

The Basics – Working With an Expert

This webinar is for the litigator who has not worked with an expert before or who otherwise would like some review on best practices for working with an expert witness.

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Newbie Litigator School 2019 - Discovery Practice

Discovery Practice 2019

This webinar summarizes the rules governing discovery, particularly the newer federal rules governing the preservation and discovery of electronic data and information, and the concept of “proportionality” in discovery. We also discuss the practicalities of discovery: budgeting, tactics, and common opportunities and pitfalls.

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Common Commercial Conflicts - Lost Profit Cases

Lost Profit Cases

In this webinar, the expert panel discusses the circumstances that warrant lost profits claims, key considerations for both the claimant and defendant, and how such claims will ultimately be evaluated.

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Securities Law Made Simple - An Overview

Securities Law: An Overview 2019

In this webinar our expert panel provides you with a high-level overview of the federal securities laws as well as tangible examples and practical advice in answer to these and many more questions.

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Intellectual Property in an Hour 2019

Intellectual Property in an Hour 2019

This webinar teaches the basics of intellectual property (copyrights, patents, and trademarks), and how they protect businesses, including on the internet.

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Corporate & Regulatory Compliance Boot Camp - Internal Investigations 101 - 2019

Internal Investigations 101 – 2019

This webinar surveys recent compliance trends and discusses best practices regarding the attorney-client privilege, joint defense agreements, the use of experts, witness interviews, the consequences of self-disclosure and how to control the impact on the company.

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