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Common Commercial Conflicts - Defending Avoidance Actions

Defending Against Bankruptcy Avoidance Actions 2019

In this webinar, the expert panel discusses the applicable provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, common avoidance actions, and key considerations when planning for and defending against these actions.

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Corporate & Regulatory Boot Camp - Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation 2019

This webinar examines executive compensation, including equity-based compensation plans and executive employment and severance agreements, along with best practices regarding executive compensation committees and regulatory requirements for those committees are examined.

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Legal Ethics Winter - How to Avoid Disciplinary Actions

How to Avoid Malpractice & Disciplinary Actions – General Do’s and Don’ts

This webinar presents basic practice pointers to avoid committing malpractice and disciplinary actions, and how to respond to claims of malpractice or unethical behavior. The panel also discusses the role that malpractice insurance plays in these situations and the ramifications of a malpractice judgment or disciplinary action.

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MBA Shortcut - How to Read a Balance Sheet

How to Read a Balance Sheet – And Why You Care! 2019

This webinar explains the basics of understanding a balance sheet and puts it in context by also touching on the other key financial statements.

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HR Employment Law Boot Camp - Welcome to the Team

Welcome to the Team! Recruiting and Hiring, Including Restrictive Covenants 2019

This webinar outlines the types of restrictive covenants—non-competition, non-solicitation and/or non-disclosure—and the host of legal and practical issues to consider when hiring new employees.

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Valuation Fights in Litigation - Valuing Lost Profits

Valuing Lost Profits for Litigation Purposes 2019

This webinar summarizes the different methods to measure lost profits, as well as some of the critical elements that must be considered in developing and presenting your damages theory in court.

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Securities Law Made Simple - Private Offering Exemptions

Private Offering Exemptions and Private Placements 2019

In this webinar our expert panel provides you with a high-level overview of private offering exemptions, including the latest developments in this ever-changing area of the securities laws, as well as tangible examples and practical advice on how to conduct a successful private placement.

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Newbie Litigator School 2019 - Dispositive Motions

Dispositive Motions 2019

This webinar shines a light on what happens to the great percentage of cases that don’t make it to trial. That discussion includes everything from making a summary judgment record to brief writing, to making a cross-motion for summary judgment.

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Common Commercial Conflicts - Shareholder Disputes

Resolving Shareholder Disputes 2019

In this webinar, the expert panel discusses different types of shareholder disputes and corresponding remedies, including alternative dispute resolution, buy-sell agreement provisions, and share valuation considerations.

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Labor & Employment Law in an Hour 2019

Labor & Employment Law in an Hour 2019

This webinar provides listeners with a fundamental understanding of employment law, discussing the various ways employment law impacts businesses.

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