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Valuation in Corporate Transactions - Focus on Brand and Soft Assets

Focus on Valuing a Brand and Other “Soft” Assets

A company’s name, logo and other intangible assets have no intrinsic value. Yet, such intellectual property (IP) rights are increasingly important. Other examples of such “soft” assets include trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. This webinar will help attendees understand how experts go about valuing such intangible assets.

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Cybersecurity Data Privacy - Intro to EU

Introduction to EU General Data Protection Regulation: Planning, Implementation, and Compliance 2019

This webinar discusses the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements and how your organization may comply with them.

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Legal Ethics - Best Practices - Ethical Issues Paying for Litigation

Ethical Issues Associated with Paying for Litigation

Lawyers’ ethical duties don’t just inform how they do their jobs – they also dictate how they get paid. Join our panel for a discussion of ethical issues arising out of legal fee arrangements, from basic requirements of reasonableness to ongoing and developing law concerning third party litigation finance in multimillion dollar cases.

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Cybersecurity Data Privacy - Intro to US

Introduction to US Privacy and Data Security: Regulations and Requirements 2019

This webinar provides an overview of the many privacy and data security laws and regulations which may impact your business, from the state law protecting personal information to regulations covering the financial services industry to state breach notification laws.

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Newbie Litigator School - TROs Preliminary Injunctions

TROs and Preliminary Injunctions

This webinar discusses procedures and strategy for temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions. Topics include best practices for how to succeed on these motions and how to effectively defeat them.

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Valuation in Corporate Transactions - When Who Why

When, Who & Why to Value Your Assets

Deal lawyers and business people alike often have to look to a valuation expert to assist in understanding value in various non-litigation settings. This webinar explains how to best go about identifying and then retaining the right expert for any given situation.

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HR Employment Law Boot Camp - Terminating Employees

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye: Minimizing Risk When Terminating Employees 2019

This webinar discusses the various issues you should consider not only when you are making the decision to terminate but also in the weeks and months that lead up to that point.

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Legal Ethics Best Practices - Bankruptcy Edition

Bankruptcy Edition

This webinar discusses how rules relating to communication, conflicts, and candor are modified or expanded in the unique context of insolvency proceedings.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer: Workplace Investigations

I Know What You Did Last Summer: Workplace Investigations 2019

This webinar covers a host of questions that arise during a workplace investigation, explores the investigation process, and provides guidance from a seasoned investigator as to how to handle the many issues that you will often confront during the course of an investigation.

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HR Employment Law Boot Camp - Time for a Break

Time for a Break: Managing Leaves of Absence and Accommodating Disabilities 2019

This webinar includes discussions of the mistakes commonly made by employers as well as a series of tips and pointers from a panel of experts who will help you navigate these and other thorny issues involving employees who are unable to work for health-related reasons.

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