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Ethical Issues in Real Estate Bankruptcy - Single Asset Real Estate Cases

Single Asset Real Estate Cases 2020

This episode discusses the section of the bankruptcy code devoted to dealing with Single Asset Real Estate cases, and the ethical issues surrounding it.

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Cannabis Law - Cannabis Investment

Cannabis Investment: Successes, Failures, & Strategies for the Future

Our panel of experts will walk through their experience navigating cannabis investments, ranging from successful strategies, pitfalls, unique issues faced by investing in the cannabis industry, and hot-take-prognostications as to where the industry will see growth in the future.

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Protecting Employee Assets - Policies Procedures Proactivity

An Ounce of Prevention: Policies, Procedures and Proactivity 2020

This webinar presents practical advice for employers looking to put themselves in the best position possible to not only defend against employment-related claims but—hopefully—to help avoid them in the first place.

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Digital Marketing Tips - Which Marketing Channels

Which Marketing Channels Should You Use And Why?

Upon completion of this episode, the business owner will have a better understanding of the challenges and benefits associated with each of these marketing channels. They will also be able to more clearly understand whether or not each channel is a good fit for their marketing mix.

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Ethical Issues in Real Estate Bankruptcy - Insider Lease Agreeements

Insider Lease Agreements 2020

This webinar looks at inside leasing agreements, which typically occur in assets which serve as a real estate-based business such as a retail property, and examines the issues that may arise.

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Bankruptcy Transactions - Representing Asset Purchasers

Representing Asset Purchasers in Bankruptcy 2020

This webinar focuses on understanding how to represent an asset purchaser in a bankruptcy proceeding, and addresses best practices for advanced reorganization practitioners and advisors.

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Digital Marketing Tips - Marketing First Steps

Marketing First Steps: Planning, Budgeting & Hiring

This webinar provides details designed to give business owners expert marketing advice pertaining to marketing planning, budgeting and hiring.

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Cybersecurity Data Privacy - Data Breach Response

Data Breach Response: Before and After the Breach 2019

This webinar provides an overview of what to do when the worst happens, your company experiences a data breach, including how to respond and whom to notify.

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Cybersecurity Data Privacy - How to Build Security Program

How to Build and Implement your Company’s Information Security Program 2019

This webinar discusses the how to put an Information Security Program in place, starting with identifying your incident response team, putting applicable insurance policies into place, and closing any gaps in the security of your data.

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Valuation in Corporate Transactions - Focus on Brand and Soft Assets

Focus on Valuing a Brand and Other “Soft” Assets

A company’s name, logo and other intangible assets have no intrinsic value. Yet, such intellectual property (IP) rights are increasingly important. Other examples of such “soft” assets include trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. This webinar will help attendees understand how experts go about valuing such intangible assets.

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