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Webinars Tagged: Intellectual Property

IP-201 - Buying Selling IP

Buying & Selling IP

IP rights are an important class of intangible assets that can be assigned or licensed to generate revenue. This webinar discusses the complex legal issues associated with IP transactions.

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Business Advice - Turning Idea Into Business

Turning an Idea Product into a Business

This webinar provides an overview of how to build a business with focus on selecting a legal entity, protecting intellectual property, hiring and financing.

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Patent PPP - Application Preparation

Patent Application Preparation 2018

This webinar provides insight into how to prepare a patent application, considering the aspects of relating technologies, current laws, profitability, and much more.

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IP-201 - Protecting Your Brand

Choosing & Protecting Your Brand

This webinar discusses some of the challenges that businesses are likely to face when initially choosing a brand. It also discusses the legal issues that businesses will likely encounter when protecting that brand.

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The Jobs Act 2018 - Impact of the Jobs Act on the IPO Market

Impact of the JOBS Act on the IPO Market

This webinar episode tackles the elements of the JOBS Act that directly impact IPO determinations by smaller issuers, and provides practical insights and tips in making these important business decisions.

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IP-101 2018 - Leveraging & Protecting Trade Secrets in the 21st Century

Leveraging & Protecting Trade Secrets in the 21st Century

How do you identify your trade secrets, protect them, and leverage them? These are the questions this cutting-edge webinar discusses and seeks to answer.

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IP-101 2018 - Nuts & Bolts of Trademarks

Nuts & Bolts of Trademarks

This webinar discusses how trademarks are created and maintained, various methods of trademark protection, rights conferred by trademark registration, and steps for enforcing trademarks in the U.S. in the brick-and-mortar marketplace and online.

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IP-101 2018 - Nuts & Bolts of Copyrights

Nuts & Bolts of Copyrights

This webinar discusses the so-called “nuts and bolts of copyright law” beginning with what exactly is a copyright, how to protect a copyright, and finally how to enforce a copyright.

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IP-101 Nuts & Bolts of Patents

Nuts & Bolts of Patents

This webinar breaks down U.S. patent laws into the nuts and bolts. It discusses the types of inventions that can receive protection, as well as the extent of U.S. patent protection.

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IP-101 2018 - What Every Lawyer & Every Client Must Understand

IP – What Every Lawyer & Every Client Must Understand 2018

This webinar discusses the importance of certainty in ownership of IP and how ownership of IP is entangled with areas of corporate law and employment law.

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