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Webinars Tagged: Chapter 11 Potpourri 2021

Chapter 11 Potpourri - Intersection of IP Bankruptcy

The Intersection of IP & Bankruptcy 2021

Intellectual property generally includes patent rights, copyright rights, trademark and servicemark rights, and trade secrets. The foundation of intellectual property law is the protection of exclusive rights afforded to original […]

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Chapter 11 Potpourri - Nuts Bolts of 363 Motion

The Nuts & Bolts of a 363 Motion 2021

This webinar explains what a 363 motion needs to include, the procedural requirements a debtor must satisfy to persuade a court to approve it, and the arguments that objecting parties may make in opposition.

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Chapter 11 Potpourri - Nuts Bolts of Chapter 11 Plan

The Nuts & Bolts of a Chapter 11 Plan 2021

This webinar takes the audience through the basic elements of a Chapter 11 plan, how a plan proponent seeks to confirm a plan, and how objectors can try to defeat confirmation.

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