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Cannabis Legal and Busines Issues for Employers and Employees

Cannabis Legal & Business Issues for Employers & Employees 2020

In this episode, we’ll address numerous issues, including recent changes to state laws regarding medical and adult-use cannabis; best practices for drug testing (and being tested); dealing with employees who are registered users of medical marijuana; and navigating “drug-free workplace” rules for federal contractors, among others.

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Cannabis Law #1 - Cannabis Basics: Getting up to speed with current laws, legislations and essential business issues

Cannabis Basics: Getting up to Speed with Current Laws, Legislation, & Essential Business Issues

In this episode of the series, our panel of experts will bring you up to speed on the complex and constantly evolving legal framework governing cannabis businesses. With this context, our panelists will also discuss the opportunities and challenges of operating in the cannabis space.

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Cannabis Law - Cannabis Investment

Cannabis Investment: Successes, Failures, & Strategies for the Future

Our panel of experts will walk through their experience navigating cannabis investments, ranging from successful strategies, pitfalls, unique issues faced by investing in the cannabis industry, and hot-take-prognostications as to where the industry will see growth in the future.

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