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Valuation - What's it Worth

What’s it Worth? Valuing a Business for Sale

This webinar looks at how valuation experts place a value on a going concern, whether it’s a business you wish to sell or a business you wish to purchase.

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Securities Law - PO Exemptions and Private Placements

Private Offering Exemptions and Private Placements 2018

This webinar provides a high-level overview of private offering exemptions, including the latest developments in this ever-changing area of the securities laws, as well as tangible examples and practical advice on how to conduct a successful private placement.

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Restructuring Insolvency - Opportunity Amidst Crisis

Opportunity Amidst Crisis – Buying Distressed Assets, Claims, and Securities for Fun & Profit

This webinar explains how to loan to, or purchase the debt of, a company in order to acquire it; how to learn about opportunities involving distressed companies; and tips and best practices for participating in bankruptcy, Article 9, and other sales of distressed businesses.

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Complex Financial Litigation - Common Issues and Strategies in Business Breakups

Common Issues and Strategies in Business Breakups

This webinar focuses on the realities of a failing business from the owners’ perspective. Join our panel of experts as they discuss the various considerations that should be given at the outset of start-up negotiations and through business breakup, including dispute negotiation and litigation.

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