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Property/Business Interruption and Cyber Liability 2022

This panel discusses key elements of a property policy such as what coverages could be essential to your business

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Selecting the Right Valuation Expert 2022

This webinar explores the key factors you should consider in choosing your valuation expert.

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The Very Basics: Forming the Business 2022

This webinar focuses on business formation and the pros and cons to the different legal structures, and includes tips on how to keep one’s personal assets safe from the claims of future creditors of the business.

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What’s it Worth? Valuing a Business for Sale 2022

This webinar provides a look into how valuation experts place a value on a going concern.

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How to Leverage the Power of Social Media Marketing 2021

Social media marketing (SMM) is perhaps the easiest form of digital marketing to get started with.

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Personal Lines for the Business Owner/Executive 2021

This webinar will focus on protecting the personal interests of the business owner/executive.

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Key Provisions in M&A Agreements

Key Provisions in M&A Agreements 2021

This webinar explains specific, common provisions in M&A agreements and discusses how buyers and sellers approach these provisions differently.

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Digital Marketing Tips - Guide to Having Effective Website

A Guide to Having an Effective Website 2021

Upon completion of this episode, a website owner will understand some of the most common pitfalls associated with having a website.

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Private Company MA Boot Camp - Negotiating an MA Deal

Negotiating an M&A Deal 2020

This webinar involves the panelists engaging in mock negotiations of a variety of deal points which commonly arise in M&A transactions.

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Protecting Employee Assets - Workplace Investigations

I Know What You Did Last Summer: Workplace Investigations 2020

This webinar explores the workplace investigation process and provides guidance from a seasoned investigator as to how to handle the many issues that you will often confront during the course of an investigation.

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