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Business Advice - Roadmap to Growing

Roadmap to Growing Your Business by Acquisition

This webinar provides a roadmap for growing your business, specifically by acquisition, including evaluating the target, auditing their financials, how to keep their employees, negotiating the purchase, and integrating the business with yours.

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Business Advice - Roadmap to Selling

Roadmap to Selling a Business or Taking on Outside Investors

This webinar provides a roadmap to selling a business, particularly addressing the financial challenges of negotiating with potential buyers and investors.

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Business Lease - Commercial Lease

Negotiating a Commercial Lease

This webinar answers the many questions surrounding the considerations involved in negotiating a commercial lease, such as budget, zoning, subleasing versus buying, and much more.

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Business Advice - Turning Idea Into Business

Turning an Idea Product into a Business

This webinar provides an overview of how to build a business with focus on selecting a legal entity, protecting intellectual property, hiring and financing.

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