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Hot Topics - Blockchain Basics

Blockchain Basics 2020

This webinar series introduces blockchain, cannabis, and digital assets as new realities and opportunities.

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Blockchain and Supply Chain 2020

This webinar examines blockchain and the role it plays in supply chain by providing traceability in transactions.

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Blockchain Basics - Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Blockchain and Smart Contracts 2020

This webinar examines blockchain smart contracts and answers many questions about this technology of emerging importance.

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Blockchain Basics - Trade Finance Tech

Blockchain and Trade Finance Tech

This webinar discusses how blockchain helps to organize the electronic documentation and underwriting of trade finance tech, the financing of the international trade of goods.

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Blockchain Basics - Supply Chain

Blockchain and Supply Chain

Traceability of components of products – from food to fashion – is central to the promise of using blockchain to organize and operationalize data from the web of supply chains. This webinar discusses supply chain as it relates to blockchain.

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Blockchain Basics - Smart Contracts

Blockchain and Smart Contracts

This webinar discusses the basics of smart contracts as they relate to blockchain, and answers some important questions like, Are smart contracts necessarily contracts? If not, can they still be useful? If a smart contract is a contract, what is the governing document? Is it the words business people and lawyers use, or is it the code that is supposed to reflect the words?

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Hot Topics - Blockchain Basics

Blockchain Basics 2019

No bank? No custodian? No title company? No trusted intermediary? The implications are broad, but what is block and what is chain? And is the thing secure? This webinar offer an introductory discussion of blockchain.

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Crypto Crowdfunding - Crypto Currency 101

Crypto Currency-101

In this introduction to cryptocurrency, panelists active in the field will discuss cryptocurrency as payment mechanism and as investment, with peculiar risks and opportunities. We will discuss the history and adoption of cryptocurrency, as well as the underlying technology (including blockchain, but we will not make your eyes water), cybersecurity, and fraud.

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