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Legal Ethics Best Practices - Bankruptcy Edition

Bankruptcy Edition

This webinar discusses how rules relating to communication, conflicts, and candor are modified or expanded in the unique context of insolvency proceedings.

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Chapter 11 Special Issues 2019 - Health Care

Focus on Health Care

This webinar discusses the issues found in Chapter 11 cases involving healthcare providers and the stakeholders with whom a healthcare provider debtor must deal with.

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Bankruptcy Battle Royale - Contesting Confirmation

Contesting Confirmation

This webinar discusses confirmation of a chapter 11 plan, and how to both defend and attack the confirmation of a debtor’s plan.

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Chapter 11 Special Issues 2019 - Single Asset Real Estate

Focus on Single Asset Real Estate

This webinar discusses the special rules for single asset real estate cases in the Bankruptcy Code and how these chapter 11 cases proceed quite differently than other cases.

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Restructuring Insolvency - Bad Debtor Owes Money

Bad Debtor Owes Me Money!

The topics discussed in this webinar include the pros and cons of putting a counterparty into involuntary bankruptcy; when and how you may be able to pursue third parties (like guarantors, directors, or officers) for the amount owed; risks related to preference attack; pros and cons of sitting on a “creditors’ committee” in a Chapter 11; how to negotiate for “critical vendor” protection in Chapter 11; and practical guidance for continuing to provide goods or services to an insolvent counterparty.

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Common Commercial Conflicts - Defending Avoidance Actions

Defending Against Bankruptcy Avoidance Actions 2019

In this webinar, the expert panel discusses the applicable provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, common avoidance actions, and key considerations when planning for and defending against these actions.

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Bankruptcy Battle Royale - Anatomy of a Fraudulent Transfer

Anatomy of a Fraudulent Transfer

This webinar discusses the elements of a fraudulent transfer lawsuit and how one can be defended against.

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Chapter 11 Special Issues 2019 - Focus on Retail

Focus on Retail

This webinar addresses the issues that tend to arise in most retail cases, such as the retention of a liquidation firm, lease assumption and rejection, the claim priority of rent during a month that straddles the Petition Date or a rejection date, and consumer deposit issues.

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Restructuring Insolvency - Buying Distressed Assets Claims

Opportunity Amidst Crisis- Buying Distressed Assets, Claims, and Securities for Fun & Profit 2019

This webinar explains how to loan to, or purchase the debt of, a company in order to acquire it (a strategy commonly called “loan to own”); how to learn about opportunities involving distressed companies; and tips and best practices for participating in bankruptcy, Article 9, and other sales of distressed businesses (including the concept of serving as the “stalking horse).

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Chapter 11 Potpourri 2019 - IP and Bankruptcy

The Intersection of IP & Bankruptcy

This webinar examines some of the key issues of intellectual property law rights and how they might be impacted by bankruptcy proceedings.

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