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Help My Business is in Trouble

Help, My Business is In Trouble! 2021

This webinar provides the business owner and her advisors with an overview of various restructuring and liquidation methods, a framework for how to decide between them, and practical tips for traversing the difficult environment that is financial distress.

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Complex Financial Litigation - Defending Against Avoidance Actions

Defending Against Bankruptcy Avoidance Actions 2021

In the event of a bankruptcy, the debtor or trustee may opt to take legal action in order to recover money or property that was transferred by the debtor prior to going bankrupt. These actions, whereby such transfers are effectively reversed, are referred to as “avoidance actions.” In this webinar, the expert panel discusses the […]

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Chapter 11 Potpourri - Intersection of IP Bankruptcy

The Intersection of IP & Bankruptcy 2021

Intellectual property generally includes patent rights, copyright rights, trademark and servicemark rights, and trade secrets. The foundation of intellectual property law is the protection of exclusive rights afforded to original works and invention. These rights can be significantly impacted by bankruptcy proceedings. This webinar examines some of these key issues including the perfection of security […]

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Bankruptcy Transactions 301 - Negotiating Drafting DIP Financing Orders

Negotiating and Drafting Cash Collateral/DIP Financing Orders 2021

Every company needs access to cash to fund its operations. Companies in bankruptcy are no different. But how should a company planning to enter bankruptcy approach this issue if all of its cash is tied up by a secured lender? What will a bankruptcy judge say when the company asks her permission to use cash […]

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Fairness Issues Real Estate Based Bankruptcies - Single Asset Real Estate Cases

Single Asset Real Estate Cases 2021

The goal of this episode is to look into ethical issues surrounding Single Asset Real Estate (“SARE”) cases.

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Bankruptcy Transactions 301 - Bankruptcy Claims Trading

Bankruptcy Claims Trading 2021

Claims Trading in bankruptcy cases has advanced and grown in sophistication swiftly in recent history. Companies and their advisors should be prepared before wading into these waters. How will a claim be treated once transferred? What steps should a company acquiring a claim take to ensure the claim is paid? How should a claim be […]

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Valuation - Valuing Lost Profits for Litigation

Valuing Lost Profits for Litigation Purposes 2021

This webinar summarizes how to measure lost profits and the critical elements to consider when presenting your damages theory in court.

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Fairness Issues Real Estate Based Bankruptcies - Insider Lease Agreements

Insider Lease Agreements 2021

This webinar teaches attorneys what is in bounds and what is outside the lines of insider lease agreements.

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Chapter 11 Potpourri - Nuts Bolts of Chapter 11 Plan

The Nuts & Bolts of a Chapter 11 Plan 2021

This webinar takes the audience through the basic elements of a Chapter 11 plan, how a plan proponent seeks to confirm a plan, and how objectors can try to defeat confirmation.

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Bankruptcy Transactions - Representing Asset Purchasers

Representing Asset Purchasers in Bankruptcy 2021

This webinar focuses on understanding bankruptcy transactions and addressing best practices for advanced reorganization practitioners and advisors.

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