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Webinars Tagged: Advising the Startup 2018

SEO/Social Media & Other PR 101 – 2018

This webinar provides basic guidance and practical advice about these topics, regardless of the startup’s industry, with an overlay of some legal principles and pitfalls to avoid.

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Human Resources 101

Appropriate for founders and their counsel alike, this webinar covers common legal pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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Advising the Startup: Finance and Accounting 101

Finance and Accounting 101

This webinar provides the entrepreneur and his or her advisors with an overview of finance and accounting for startups, and practical tips for getting started.

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Advising the Startup: Negotiating with Potential Investors

Raising Capital: Negotiating with Potential Investors

This webinar focuses on understanding the different types of capital available to fund a startup, the providers of that capital, and practical tips to negotiate and secure the best terms from those capital providers.

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